Hi, Donna Lewis here. What can I do for you?


I love helping my clients. Since 1984 I’ve practiced psychotherapy in the Augusta, Georgia, area, in a number of professional settings, particularly private practice. It’s always been my pleasure to help people, and I’ve tailored what I do to their specific needs.

I enjoy listening attentively, and find that building a close working relationship  with the people who come to me for help is beneficial, sometimes in very unexpected ways, for them, and for their families.

Everyone is unique, but it’s surprising how much most people have in common when it comes to their problems, and the solutions they arrive at through counseling and therapy. There is no substitute for the insights people achieve when they look carefully into their lives, but looking deeply requires a supportive, safe, caring environment, and an objective professional therapist.

My professional background includes working with individual adults using talk therapy, as well as marital therapy for couples. I have extensive experience helping families, and have a particularly strong interest in working with teens. I have many years of experience working with children of all ages.

For many children the treatment which works best is play therapy. I’m a Registered Play Therapist, and a qualified teacher of play therapy. I’ll give plenty of attention here to explaining more about play therapy, because it is a somewhat mysterious therapy even for those of us who practice and teach it. Mysterious, but extremely effective for children. Play therapy proves what most of us know – children are wonderful, and they have needs much different from adults.

I plan to make this website a source for helpful information – psychotherapy, play therapy, counseling, articles about ways to improve your life, and how to play with your children, and all sorts of things. I’ll have a lot more to say, so stay tuned. New information will usually appear on my Blog.

You can help me make this an interactive experience, by letting me know what you’re interested in knowing more about. I’m very open ended about what appears here, and want to publish information which meets your needs.

My main objective for this website is to create a valuable resource for you, and to have some fun with it myself. I also have a secret agenda: Helping my husband with his goal of stamping out depression worldwide beginning in our own backyard. Towards that end, I ask your help.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks for visiting.