Healthy Marriages – Little Things Aren’t So Little


As an Augusta therapist I know healthy marriages are made by the little things. One little thing is valuable, but a string is priceless. With a divorce rate of 50% in America, it sometimes seems impossible to stay married. Money, infidelity, illness, unemployment, children, parents, all the stresses that might appear to doom a relationship [Continue Reading...]

Depression – Get Over It


Depression. Can someone just “get over it?” People suffering from depression have a disease, and those around them offer advice. get over it you have to want to get better snap out of it pull yourself out of it These well meaning prescriptions can be the most painful and least helpful advice you can give [Continue Reading...]

Adults Abused As Children Can Learn To Thrive!


So many adults deal with the secret shame of having been abused and neglected during their childhood. Can they learn to thrive? Children growing up in abusive families often learn “survival skills” in order to protect themselves. Abused children frequently deny that they are being hurt at home, pretending nothing wrong is happening, or that [Continue Reading...]