How To Get In Touch With Donna Lewis

The easiest way to get in touch with me is by calling my office. The phone number is (706) 651-1299.


I share office space with my psychiatrist husband, Jim Wallace, M.D., and with TMS Augusta, so when you call me you’ll usually reach our office manager, Janice Anderson.

If you get our answering machine please leave a message. Someone will call you back. Please state your phone number early in your message, speaking very slowly while you leave your number.

We always return calls unless we are unable to understand the phone number. Some people zip through the phone number. We’re unable to return their call because we can’t understand their phone number. Please be clear and slow with your phone number. It’s always the most important information in any phone message when you want a return call.


My office is in Augusta, Georgia, in the Gateway Professional Center. I’m in the Martinez area of Columbia County, about a mile from Washington Road. I’m near the Gerald Jones auto dealers, near the intersection of Columbia Road and Flowing Wells Road.

Google can find Donna H. Lewis, LCSW, on your phone or computer, and has a map for you.

We’re always glad to give detailed directions if you need them.

Donna H. Lewis, LCSW, 4143 Columbia Road, Suite D, Augusta, Georgia, 30907