Office Policies


For emergencies call 911.


My staff provides plenty of help. Making sure things go just right for you is their job #1. What can we do for you today?



We ask patients to please be on time. We make every effort to begin and end appointments on time.


We schedule appointments convenient for you when at all possible. If you are unable to keep any appointment, please give us as much notice as you can. Others may want the time you cancelled. If you fail to give us at least 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full amount for the time reserved.


Payment is due when services are rendered, unless you have insurance which we know will pay. We accept personal checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, and some insurance.

If you have circumstances which make payments difficult, please discuss these with us before making an appointment.

In the event your account goes beyond our usual credit limits, reasonable collection charges and legal fees will be added.


I accept insurance as partial payment in some cases. Our office will submit a claim to your primary insurance company. You are always responsible for insurance co-pays.

Many insurance companies require prior approval for office visits. The amount of our time required for prior authorization varies from 20 seconds to over 20 minutes. We bill patients for this service unless the time required is extremely limited.

I’m a Tricare provider. You must call Tricare for an authorization before your first appointment with me, or they won’t pay, and you will be entirely responsible. You can make an appointment with me, and then call Tricare. We are glad to explain the ins and outs of who is eligible for our services under our contract with Tricare. Tricare has several applicable payment policies depending on circumstances. You probably already have an idea about what Tricare will cover, but you have to call them for prior authorization.

I’m a BC/BS provider, but there are many, many different BC/BS plans. Call us. We may know the deal with your plan. If we don’t, we’ll tell you how to find out. Some BC/BS plans require you to get prior approval, and some don’t.

I am not a Medicare provider. You may receive reimbursement from Medicare. We file claims with Medicare, but you are responsible for paying the full amount when you see me.

We do not accept Medicaid.

Disability reports, Worker’s Compensation reports, and similar administrative paperwork which requires Donna Lewis’s time and attention is not part of your treatment and is done at a separate time, incurring separate charges.


Telephone Calls

Sometimes our clients call with minor issue or other questions which can be answered in a few minutes. There is usually no charge for these calls, during office hours. These questions should be addressed to the office staff who run them by Donna Lewis, and then call the client back.

Longer phone calls, particularly phone therapy, usually incur a charge.

After hours calls usually incur a charge.

These policies apply to calls from you, or from your family members.

Answering Service

We have an answering service and can be reached by them within a reasonable amount of time. Their number is (706) 650-6564.

We return phone calls left with the answering service. It’s seldom necessary to leave two messages about the same problem. If you leave excessive numbers of messages with the answering service charges may incur.

If your phone blocks incoming calls not displaying the caller’s phone number, calls returned after our office hours must be patched through the answering service; this results in a significant charge which is passed on to patients.

Phone Messages

When leaving messages on our voice mail, please leave your phone number very early in the message. Please speak very slowly when you leave the number. Then, please repeat the phone number, slowly.

Too many messages are not returned because the phone number was unclear, garbled, or was spoken too fast to be discerned.

Your phone number is the most important part of any message left with our voice mail or answering service – clear, slow, correct, repeated.

Remember: Clear phone number, return call; unclear phone number, no return call.